Christian Counseling with Jennifer Young, LPC

Serving All of Texas with Telehealth Counseling

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I'm glad you're here. My name is Jennifer and I've been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2002. I work with clients on many types of issues including Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, Relationships, and General Support. I specialize in Christian Counseling.

How can I help?

I use a cognitive-behavioral approach to therapy.  In sessions I help clients look at how their beliefs about themselves and others are influencing their feelings and perceptions about the world around them. The client is encouraged to use journaling in between sessions to continue processing.

 What you can expect 

You and I will talk to set up an appointment and discuss any questions you may have. After our talk, I will email you the initial paperwork to complete.

The first session is different from the following sessions because I will be getting your background information in order to help me get a clearer picture of what you're dealing with, contributing factors, and the goals you have for our time together.

Each week we will have our meetings using a HIPAA compliant video platform. All personal information you provide will be kept confidential. The only exceptions to this include:

Beyond those exceptions, if there is someone you would like for me to speak with about our counseling sessions I would have you sign a release of information saying that it is okay for us to communicate. Once given, you may remove your consent to release information at any time.

Accepted Insurance Providers

(All Services Must Be Provided Within Texas)